Thorn Rose Ranch


A Bit of Everything

AMATEUR ADVISE - This page will be updated as we find new and improved ways of handling our adventures in showing, raising and breeding goats.

1) My first piece of wisdom: READ, read everything you can get your hands on.

2) Once you have read all the books start asking questions of those around you. The best advise I have found come from people that have been doing this for many years.

3) Be prepared for the long investment, even if just a pet these amazing animals live for many years and will need kind and loving care.

GARDEN ADVISE - Tried and true methods passed from my mom and dad to myself and siblings. 

1) My first piece of advise is make sure whom ever is working with you in the garden loves it as much as you do!

2) Make sure you place time on your calendar to get the garden in after the last hard frost. Or you will find yourself putting it in late (like I did last year).

3) When prepping your soil in spring, pelleted lime is easy to work with and to work into the garden when tilling. For us we also compost our manure from the chickens and goats using it the following year as our fertilizer.

4) If possible sit down and make a list of what you think your going to plant and then draw out the garden on paper. It is best to have a rough idea of where you want everything before you buy your plants or even start from seed. You will need to make sure you have enough room. 

5) Always grow vine plants on the edges of the garden away from the rest of your veggies. This means do not put your cucumbers in the center of your garden because when they take off, you will not get to the other veggies around them. 

6) Once you have your garden in make sure you soak it down for the first few days both in the morning and in the evening. This will give them the start they can have to grow strong. 

7) Many people do not believe in using any kinds of insecticides but I do in the beginning of the season. I do put down Sevin a week after everything is in the ground. I may repeat the process if the seasonal bugs are worse than usual but I try not too. 

8) If you can fence the garden against small critters that is best. I find very few things keep the Thumper from rummaging my garden. One thing I have found is they don't care for tomatoe plants or any nightshade plants. I place my tomatoes around the top line closest to where Thumper is coming in from the field and this year I have planted Marigolds to help. 

New recipes will be added soon!