Thorn Rose Ranch




We sell our goats as showing, milking or companion animals.  Goats are herd animals and need companions so I will ask if you don't have goats already, we ask that you please be prepared to buy a pair. As a new owner and a new breeder we want to be responsible and caring for the animals that leave our farm. This includes helping new owners, just as so many have helped me and continue to help me in this adventure. We strive to be kind and ethical in our lives. 

***Thorn Rose Ranch is owned and operated by the Thornton family only. The animals on our hobby farm are strictly the property of Thorn Rose Ranch. We are not part of a herd share or cooperative.***

Sales Policy

We reserve the right to retain any kids born at Thorn Rose Ranch. I also reserve the right to change the content  of this page through out this construction process. A non-refundable deposit is required to hold any animal. Once the deposit is made you will have 30 days to complete payment and pick up the animal, unless arrangements are discussed in advance. 


All animals leaving our farm will have had a CDT vaccination and will be dis budded. Any male not bought as a buck will be wethered before leaving the farm. All buyers are able to have a vet check performed if requested and paid for by the buyer. 

Bottle Feeding

There are many benefits to bottle feeding and hand raising our babies. Our children, friends and family all have been part of the hand rearing process in order to teach our goats to be gentle. We have had great success with this technique and will continue this process. One of the benefits comes when the training process begins and the kid doesn't object to being placed on a leash. Also because the kid is dependent upon us for their nutrition they are happier to see us and do not run away from us. Again this comes in handy when they escape their pens or fencing. 


Kids will be sold on a first come first serve basis off of our reservation list.  Please, contact us to be placed on the list.  Once, your goat has been born or becomes available you will be contacted.  We ask that you respond within 48 hours or we will move on to the next person on the list. 

Baby names

All does will be registered under Thorn Rose Ranch as part of their name.  We use mythical names based on Greek and Roman origins. Example: Thorn Rose Ranch Athena. By using a theme we are able to keep track of animals we have sold and follow them through out their journey.

Links page

The only business's, organizations or farms listed on our links page will be those that we believe in, used or show ethical treatment of animals and people. As much as our animals mean the world to us people mean more. We pride ourselves on honesty, openness and transparency in both our business ethics and family life. You will never see anyone on our links page that would or could be offensive. We will take great care to preserve our faith in community and family.