Thorn Rose Ranch



Hercules, Son of Robin and Boomerang. Born March 23rd, 2014

Sold, good luck Brittany!

Cupid - Son of The Luci and Moon Spinners Blue Pavon. Born March 26th, 2014. 

Sold - Good luck to the new family.  

Aphrodite- Daughter of  The Luci and Moon Spinners Blue Pavon. Born March 26th, 2014. 

Sold, Good luck Rachel!

Poseidon - Son of The Luci and Moon Spinners Blue Pavon. Born March 26th, 2014. 


We are on track for early November breeding. We have picked a single sire  Moon Spinner's Blue Pavan. He is with the CapriGem herd. I am currently taking reservations for the 2014 kidding. On our links page you can find CapriGem and visit them to see Pavan's lineage and pictures. 

07/02/13   Tonight we are making berry preserves. As you can see below we have already made raspberry jam and jelly. Now on we go to preserves. The mixed berry preserves are ready. They worked like a charm.

07/03/13   This evening we made 10 pints of blueberry/ raspberry mixed preserves. 

07/22/13    The beginnings of the bounty from our garden. Though I planted close to 4 weeks late this year, God has still blessed us with beautiful vegetables. 

07/25/13    Sometimes the best way to be reminded of God's grace is to stop and look around at the blessing's we have. And sometimes the blessing's we didn't know we have. When we moved here two and a half years ago we were told there are fruit trees and grape vines. Well the grape vines weren't kept well the past few years and had quit producing. The fruit trees consisted of 2 large apples trees and two twig like trees that frankly we discussed cutting down. Last summer due to the weather next to no apples were on the trees, and this year as we had previously suspected found out for your the are crab apples. That is okay though, because they feed the deer and widlife. Last year our little twig like trees only produced a handful of leaves between them. This year we were graced with beautiful washington cherries, the birds feasted before we could. Tonight I found yet another surprise, we have a plum tree. We weren't at all sure what the fruit was growing into but now we know. Below is a picture of our first plum on the farm.

07/26/13     Today we received our first White Leghorn egg from the little hens. We are very excited. 

07/27/13  This morning the plan was to set up the new shed for all the hens to be housed together. However, plans change as the rain rolls in. So Mason and I went up to the goat shed to get some indoor work done. We found one of our young hens was again roosting in with the goats and another young hen was stuck! She brought new meaning to a rock and a hard place. The goat stalls are made from pallets, the young hen made her way into the pallett but couldn't find the opening to get back out. So my son and I proceeded to move the hay bales away from the slats and she was able to escape. Right after she made it out, Mason looked out the door and says " Look mom there is an egg". Our little hen must of been on the verge of laying when we showed up and she stopped in a panic being stuck. Below shows the size difference between the young hens eggs and our year and half old hens eggs. 

07/28/13    What a Happy Sunday morning. We are very excited to host a "work friend" picnic today here on the ranch. The kids and I just picked fresh lettuce and radishes for a salad. It will be a great day even if it rains. The pictures below show the lettuce of plenty and the dirty ducks on the back porch. 

07/29/13     Today we received 2 little eggs from our white leghorns. We know as the girls grow so will the eggs. However, we have added a photo below to show the difference in egg yolk size between our young hens and our older laying hens. 

                    For all those that call goat prepping day spa day, that is what I need when we are finished shaving the goats. My back is killing me and I have goat hair in places that it doesn't belong.HEHE   The girls are none to happy with me now. They do not like spa day. 

07/30/13     The sewing has begun, well the cutting of costumes have begun. With all of things that I have made over the years without patterns this I will say by far is the hardest. I am attempting to make a "fawn" costume for our little goat. This will be worn in the custume show next week at Farm Show. My son will be dressed as a hunter.Once I am done with the fawn I need to move on to a thesteral costume. For those whom are not Harry Potter fans, a thesteral is a black skeletal creature that resembles a horse. 

                   The day has gone relatively quick of course. I worked, then made dinner when my husband said "Wife let's get the shed done before the storms this week." I spent the better part of 3 hours crawling around on the ground screwing in the panels to the main frame while he held the panels in place. We only have the roof and doors now. So we are half way there. After a nice shower I went back to the sewing machine to finish up the fawn costume. I have sewn all the velcro into place and tomorrow morning will be Robin's final fitting. Then we will paint on the spots. The tail is the end in the foreground and there is a small hole under the stuffing to stick her tail in. 

07/31/13     Though we planted much later than we should have God has blessed us with wonderful veggies. And the second picture is the Roasted Garlic Alfredo I made with the fresh peas and beans.


09/05/2013  Fall is right around the corner and the apples are ready. We have started picking the apples and making applesauce. 

09/21/2013  We have chosen a sire for both our goats. We can't wait to start this phase of the adventure. With the way both girls appear to be cycling through the heat phases we should be on track to breed at the beginning of November which will give us late March babies. Our leghorns are not producing at full tilt and their eggs are getting bigger each day. Also the ducks have decided to get with the program and they also are laying every single day.  

09/23/2013  When Leghorns go bad... I have a hen that has decided she likes to be with my goats and that was fine. Until this morning when I watched her chase the girls off their food. Bad chicken!!