Thorn Rose Ranch



Welcome to Thorn Rose Ranch! Our small hobby farm is located in Fenelton PA., tucked neatly between a wood line and rolling fields. We are blessed to be surrounded by farms and a great community. When we moved here in 2011, I didn't imagine that not quite 2 years later I would be starting a website to show the world my goats. Then again in 2011, I never entertained the idea that I would have goats (or chickens, or ducks). 


We are AGDA members and our goats are registered. Our herd name is "Thorn Rose Ranch". We are also WPDGA members and belong to our local 4 H club, Caprine Connection. For anyone that has interest in 4 H, please contact us and I will be happy to share the information. 4 H has many different clubs and offers many opportunities  for our children. 

See our kidding page for this years sire's!

OF course you can also "follow" us on face book by using the links above. 

My latest adventures in training can be found on "Around the Ranch", just click above. Each night I will try to update with either new pictures or details on our life here on the ranch. Please check out our "Links" page, the business's or organizations listed are near and dear to our heart. We will only include links to business's or people we trust in. 

The officer's below belong to Butler Township Police Dept.. Thank you to all the men and woman that protect our streets and community each day! We are appreciate you all! 

ADGA Members since 2012.

American Goat Society - Members since 2015

Up Coming dates where Millie and Robin can be found representing

 "Thorn Rose Ranch"

Please enjoy our site, if there is something you would like to see but cannot find please feel free to email us! [email protected]

4-H updates:

Meetings are the first Thursday of each month. Please email us for details. 

Great job Caprine Connection with your tribute to those whom protect our community.